OCIP (Owner Controlled Insurance Program) FAQs

Q. What is an OCIP?

A. OCIPs, or Owner Controlled Insurance Programs, are insurance policies (sometimes known as Wrap-Ups) taken out for large projects, by the Owner of the property, where construction is taking place. Instead of individual contractors securing their own liability and/or worker’s comp and other insurance for the project, the Owner secures an OCIP that covers all construction and enrolled contractors on the project.

Q. What does an OCIP administrative team do?

A. Administrative team duties will include but are not limited to reviewing registrations, accepting monthly payroll, issuing insurance certificates/policies, monitoring claims activity, attending new project Pre-Bids and Post-Awards etc.

Q. What should be done if a claim needs to be filed?

A. Forward completed state and OCIP reporting forms to the OCIP administrative team for submittal to the insurance carrier.

Q. Who is required to register?

A. Contractors and subcontractors of all tiers that will perform work on the OCIP project site.

Q. How do I register with the OCIP for my project?

A. You must log on to the OCIP website and:

1. Submit New User Registration information

2. Be granted approval to register by the GC/CM

3. Complete online registration

4. Submit insurance certificate and other supporting documents (WC rate page, GL rate page, and Excess/Umbrella declaration page depending on the program)

Q. Who gives my company approval to register for a project once the New User Registration information is entered?

A. After completing the New User Registration information the user must be acknowledged by the GC/CM as a participant on the project.

Q. If I already have a username and password in the system do I have to submit a new username and password for each new project registration?

A. No, you can log in and submit the new project by going to the New OCIP Registration section and selecting Register.

Q. How do I know that my online registration has been accepted by the system?

A. The website will send you and the GC/CM a copy of the completed forms.

Q. What are the insurance requirements?

A. Insurance requirements are available on the OCIP main page by selecting the option for Insurance Requirements – Enrolled Contractors or Insurance Requirements – Excluded Contractors and also in the GC/CM contract

Q. Where do I send my certificate of insurance, WC/GL rate pages, and Excess/Umbrella declaration page?

A. All can be emailed to the OCIP administrator

Q. How do I know what my work status is?

A. The OCIP Administrator will send an enrollment or approval notification to you, the GC/Prime Contractor and Construction Management team.

Q. Do I have to turn in a monthly man-hours report?

A. Enrolled contractors must turn in monthly man-hours, Form 5, from the date of enrollment, given by OCIP Administrator, until a close out form has been submitted.

Q. How do I close out on a project?

A. Log on to your user console and submit a Form 6 which is the close out form. The GC/CM will also have to confirm that your completion date, final payroll, and final contract value are correct.

Q. How do I report changes in contract value, estimated hours, or WC codes?

A. Form 3 is the change order form and should be used to report changes to an enrollment for the same awarding contractor on a project.

Q. What should I do if I have been awarded a contract by a different awarding contractor under the same job number?

A. Complete a separate online registration indicating the new awarding contractor because contract value, scope of services, personnel etc. will vary from the previous registration.

Q. I have already submitted an online registration but cannot see any of the online forms on my user console. What should I do?

A. Verify that the registration was completed by checking the Incomplete Registrations section of the user console.

A. Be sure all insurance documents have been submitted to the OCIP Administrator as status may be on hold due to an incomplete submittal.

A. Check for expired insurance. Select View Expired Enrollments (dropdown box for listing of projects) and address all highlighted areas.

Q. Am I able to view forms previously submitted?

A. Yes, these forms can be accessed via your user console.

Q. Can I make changes to my contact information?

A. Yes, log in to your user console and select the View/Update Profile button.

Q. Who can I contact regarding policy/certificate questions?

A. The OCIP administrator.

Q. What should I do if I am experiencing delays or difficulties with the system?

A. If you are having trouble with the system please do the following:

1. Submit a Help Ticket on the main page with a detailed description of the issue to the IT team

2. If you are trying to make a submittal all forms are accessible by clicking the Download Forms button on the main page and can be sent to the OCIP Administrator until the issue is resolved.